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About Kate


There are not words in the English language to adequately describe Kate and the loveliness that she exudes. One word gets close, and I’ll leave it here. Ineffable.

I have been thinking of how to describe my time with Kate and all I have been able to come up with is these adjectives (and a few more) - Silly, goofy, entertaining, jovial, jocose, riot, witty, sensual, intimate, easy going and I could go on and on..but you get the idea. It was AMAZING.


What you see is what you get, and there is a lot of goodness, intelligence and empathy that you get. And the best part of it all, the conversations and the fact that she understood my dad jokes! Kate is a gorgeous lady who is smart, well read and loves outdoor adventures.

Wow wow what a woman I have had the pleasure of seeing Kate a few times now and each time she gets better, what a body , what a personality such a beautiful person, having not done anything like this before I was extremely nervous but she made it extremely comfortable and a pleasant experience every way possible, you won’t be disappointed by her , she is one spectacular lady

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